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ezVerify is a technology company offering development and customization for healthcare providers. We can help healthcare providers and insurance providers optimize their processes with our software, platform and infrastructure as a service.

ezVerify – Health Information Technology

The Healthcare Industry Is an Always Changing Environment. The past 5 years has seen this environment evolve rapidly in the technology sector. And those companies who are not fully integrating with the best healthcare software solutions are miles behind the leaders.

But your job is to provide the absolute best healthcare solutions for your patients, not worry about technological trends. But wouldn’t it be great if you could do both: provide patient-centric care while meeting rising data demands…

ezVerify Healthcare Technology Solutions

Welcome to the ezVerify difference.

At ezVerify, we pride ourselves in building agile, custom solution for any size clinic/healthcare partner. Our blended team of technology experts and healthcare professionals are here to help keep your practice up-to-date with the best software solutions for maximizing the customer experience and revenue cycle management of your firm.

Let Us Build a Custom Technology Solution For Your Practice.

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Our ezVerify technology platform goes beyond typical eligibility. We provide verification and validation of Insurance benefits, co-pays, co-ins in real time with identification and correction of erroneous data


ezBridges is our proprietary connectivity platform providing secure interfaces and transactions for ANY system or protocol

Rules Engine

With our Proprietary rules engines we are able to automate ALL workflow and processing tasks normally handled with workforce

Data Mining

Our data mining and drilling algorithm provide TRUE identification of data segments which are then used in our other platforms providing pin point accuracy in calculation and analysis platforms


Revenue Cycle Management

Our objective is to help you establish a blueprint for change and implement a system that will improve your revenue cycle performance, position for the future revenue cycle and provide financial transparency that will appeal to clinicians and patients.

What People Are Saying About ezVerify

Patient Estimates

Maximize revenue at the point of service by improving the accuracy of patient information at the time of registration.

Reporting and Analytics

Transparency Tools

Our solution delivers an innovative healthcare shopping experience. This application will leverage disruptive technology to take scheduling, billing, registration, and verification a giant step further.

Healthcare Technology at ezVerify

Reporting & Analytics

Using the power and privacy of our MPI (Master Patient Index) customers can gain insight into trending, penetration, utilization, and much more. All of our systems come standard with reporting capability as well as the ability to completely build custom reports.

What They’re Saying...

  • “We look forward to expanding our technology footprint throughout our programs and I would recommend ezVerify to any business looking for a solid healthcare IT partner to produce positive results to their bottom line.”

    Steve Burns
  • “ezVerify’s eligibility platform helped me by verifying and validating accurate patient insurance eligibility information in real time, the result was amazing.”

    Dr. Madan K. Raj
  • “ezVerify has allowed the staff to increase detail of review including integrity of scheduling, accuracy of front desk collections and the efficiency of billing-related tasks.”

    Brian Bizub