Powerful Reports and Data at Your Fingertips

One of our most powerful tools ezVerify provides is the strong reporting admin. Our proprietary system allows you to maximize your ability to create reporting and analytics that are specific to your practice and most important metrics.

Using the eVerify reporting and analytics system, your practice can:
• Present your data in visual, interactive charts and graphs
• Improve efficiency and productivity with administrative reporting
• Create custom ad hoc reports to fit your facility’s needs

Reporting and Analytics Options

Custom Reporting: You can create your own customized report, tailored to fit your healthcare facility’s needs. Our system is formatted to (HTML, Adobe® PDF, or Microsoft® Office Excel File) and allows for unlimited customized reporting, giving you the opportunity to create an infinite number of custom reports for your facility.

Administrative Reports: Get an inside view into how your staff’s productivity is affecting your facility’s bottom line with our administrative reporting. These reports allow you to see how your staff are working problematic claims. You’ll be able to check on user activity and workflow volume to find out where potential bottlenecks could occur and efficiency can be improved at your healthcare facility.

ezVerify has made it easy for users to designate commonly run reports as favorite reports. This makes it easy to quickly find popular reports so your staff can run them on demand. When a report is saved as a favorite report, it can be grouped into the favorites’ folder at the top of our report list.

Reporting and Analytics

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