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Throughout the revenue cycle, there are functional processes with technology dependencies where opportunities exist to improve the patient and clinical stakeholder experience and financial return.

Our objective is to help you establish a blueprint for change and implement a system that will improve your revenue cycle management and performance, position for the future revenue cycle and provide financial transparency that will appeal to clinicians and patients.


Perform all of your eligibility lookups with a single login.
• Perform on-demand patient eligibility lookups in a single system
• Query multiple payers with a single login
• Provide your billing office staff with eligibility information

With a single login, your healthcare facility’s staff will be able to perform multiple eligibility verification inquiries within a matter of minutes. ezVerify’s Eligibility Verification Module saves you time during eligibility checks (no more waiting on hold or remembering passwords for various payers’ websites) by allowing your staff to query multiple payers with eligibility lookups in one system.

Revenue Cycle Management Lookup Options

Manual Eligibility Lookup: ezVerify makes it easy to check for patient eligibility with color-coded criteria fields that highlight sets of data that are needed for a response. Users are then able to sort and filter eligibility search results to find the exact information they are looking for. Eligibility responses are returned with the patient’s information and coverage level clearly displayed on a printable formatted report.

Automated Eligibility Lookup: Whenever your registration system produces a file, our Eligibility Verification Module will automatically check the patient’s insurance eligibility. Eliminate the reentry of patient information by using data that you have already entered into your registration system to verify eligibility.

Eligibility Response Archive: All eligibility lookups are stored in our eligibility archive for future reference and review, allowing for the addition of eligibility information into a claim’s workflow history. Integration with our Reporting & Data Mining Module provides the opportunity to audit archived responses for an in-depth review of eligibility information.

Module Integration: ezVerify’s Eligibility Verification Module can be used along with our Denial Management Module and Patient Liability Estimate Module to bring eligibility information to all of your healthcare facility’s staff. Patient eligibility can be checked directly from within our Denial Management Module’s workflow and on any EOB in our system, allowing your billing office staff access to eligibility information. Insurance eligibility can also be verified when generating a patient liability estimate to ensure that your customers receive the most accurate service pricing.

Automates Eligibility Lookup: When your registration system produces a file, our Eligibility Verification module will automatically check the patient for insurance eligibility.

Check for patient eligibility using a single login with our Eligibility Verification Module. Query multiple payers, perform on-demand patient eligibility lookups, and provide eligibility verification information to all of your healthcare staff in a single system.

Revenue Cycle Management

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