ezBridges allows for interoperability with ANY system or protocol


ezBridges is our proprietary technology bridging platform providing secure interfaces and transactions to support ANY system or protocol. Our current ezBridges platform was designed with the idea that all applications were going to receive raw data independently and process business logic and rule sets at the service layer of each application. This meant that ezMobile, 123, Pro and all other projects needed to have an independent and separate business logic layer. This prevents adaptation, makes learning difficult and obstructs all platforms from learning globally. This also makes further integration with other clients or applications HIGHLY customized, every time.

By taking all of our business and integration logic and building it into the service layer of ezPlatform (formerly ezBridges) we not only simplify the development of our existing product offering, but we create a sophisticated product which will accelerate the development of all software requiring any patient health insurance information. By allowing applications to request in plain English exactly what it needs, ezPlatform will process all the intelligence and return only what was requested, as requested.

This not only speeds up development time for our internal products but provides a complete PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering for other development shops as a Hosted or Self-Hosted solution. This gives ezVerify more “disruptive” status by not only having a product to compete with existing software trying to compete in the market place, it gives us a platform allowing anyone in the industry the ability to build into ANY software platform this type of data.

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